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New Golf Cars in Hickory, NCIf you are looking to get a fleet of new golf cars for your business or a single golf car for your family’s use, it is important to know golf car safety fundamentals. It is easy to think of something that only goes 20 to 30 mph as being safe, but the truth is there are cases of injury each year involving golf cars. Here are a few safety tips to follow – some are for your safety, others for the safety of those around you, and some for the safety of your new golf cars:

  • Never leave the keys in the golf cart when unattended. This keeps it from getting stolen, but also keeps someone that should not use it from hopping in and taking off, such as a child. Also, put the parking brake on so it doesn’t inadvertently roll away on you.
  • Be attentive to all passengers to be sure they have put on the seat belt, are seated properly rather than standing in the vehicle, are not overloading the golf car, and will keep all body parts inside the car when in motion.
  • When moving, be sure to avoid distractions, use hand signals when turning (the only time a body part should extend outside the vehicle), yield to pedestrians, check blind spots before turning, look behind you when backing up, avoid sharp turns at higher speeds, avoid excessive speed, avoid fast stops or starts, and watch out for other traffic.
  • Do not operate your golf car in inclement weather and reduce your speed if you absolutely must be out and about during a storm.
  • Do not drive under the influence of certain prescription drugs, narcotics, or alcohol. If you wouldn’t drive a regular car or truck, you shouldn’t drive a golf car either.
  • Obey all traffic laws and rules of the road. This includes not letting underage drivers operate the golf car.
  • Never drive your golf car where prohibited by law or by signage.

If you are shopping for new golf cars in the Charlotte and Hickory, North Carolina area, we welcome you to stop and see us at Golf Cars of Hickory. We would be happy to show you the various models we have or we can customize one for you. We can also answer all your questions about vehicle safety and we will go over how to operate new golf cars and their features. Give us a call today!